Public Relations Committee

So what is the Function of the FPA Public Relations (PR) chapter committee?

The PR committee is tasked with identifying our audiences or publics (members, other non-member financial service professionals, consumers, community leaders, community groups, media etc.), developing relationships, and creating a strategy that in simplest terms seeks to

  • increase awareness, in these groups, of the benefits of Financial Planning,  working with a CFP®, and the efforts of our chapter to educate and support our community;
  • support our chapter in becoming a premier resource in the community for Financial Planning in Phoenix;
  • support our members;
  • communicate FPA National’s committee efforts and message at the chapter level, and to ensure chapter messaging is in line with FPA National’s best practices.

This is all done through various delivery methods; website, newsletter, email, Social Media, and other internet and traditional media venues

The PR Committee is looking for 2 new members:

  • 1 for social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • 1 for distributing monthly Press Releases to radio and TV
  • other ancillary tasks as they are identified
If you are connected in the local media; internet news, television or print, love to write articles, know the best sources for industry information, are SM tech savvy, or are a seasoned speaker,   let me know. 

Join this committee to learn about PR, develop relationships with the media and spread the word about the benefits of Financial Planning and the CFP(R) mark.
   I look forward to hearing from you!

 Progress toward 2015 Goals:
 - Developed a chapter Press Kit & Press Releasesthat are available on the Web-site
 - Added 4 new pages to & modified the "For the Public" website menu to
   help educate consumers and increase access to Planner Search 
- Added a new "Members in the News" sub-menu to the "For Media" tab
- Added a committee member

 Don't forget!   email  with:
  • Stories and details of your impact in the community or that of a member colleague  so we can mention you on the website - “Member Spotlight” – new upcoming page
  • Website links to media mentions of your work so we can mention you on the website“Members in the News” – new upcoming page 


WE are committed to your success and supporting the building of your practice. Did you know ?...

  • FPA Media Training & Speaker’s Bureau -
    • YOU can become a "go to" source for journalists looking for information and commentary on personal finance and financial planning - Members have access to daily nationwide requests form the media for stories and information – giving members the potential opportunity increase their presence and reach in the community.
    • YOU can learn to “pitch” ideas to the media
    • YOU can participate in opportunities to speak at local events in the community.
      •       Virtual Media Trainings offered quarterly by FPA National – 6/4, 9/3  - 1pm-2:30pm
    • We ae planning NEW website initiatives to support members -
      • "Financial Planning Basics” – to educate consumers and give them access to member through PlannerSearch
      • “Member Spotlight” – Send stories and details of your impact in the community or that of a member colleague  to so we can mention you on the website
      • “Members in the News” – Send website links to media mentions of your work  to so we can mention you on the website

  • Monthly Chapter Pro-Bono Programs / Financial Planning Day (in the fall) – There are opportunities to educate consumers, showcase your skills, and help grow the profession. Click HERE to see the chapter calendar for events. 
  • You can modify your email signature and website homepage to include the FPA logo
  • Connect with your Peers - One of the major benefits of FPA membership is the opportunity to connect with financial planners from across the country. Click HERE to learn more about FPA Connect and the many other opportunities for community building.
  • Also be sure to check out FPA Knowledge Circles. These specialized gathering places are for like-minded members who want to engage in dialogue about best practices and innovations on particular topics Click HERE to learn more.     
  • FPA MentorMatch Program – Are you new to the profession? Or just looking to sharpen some skills? Click HERE to learn more.

I want to share with you the exciting things going on at the National level:

  • FPA National has partnered with LifeCare, and as a result your profile will have the ability to be accessed by 6 Million employees through their offering. You may be considered to write articles, blog or contribute to podcasts, to share your skills and be seen as an expert in your niche. Click HERE to learn more  or  click HERE to link to a video that explains the LifeCare partnership. 
  • Zeiders  is seeking CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING™ (CFP®) professionals from FPA to work with service members and their families in cities throughout the country. Click HERE to learn more.   Whether it is the occasional weekend support or interest in a longer-term assignment, participation in their network of financial professionals offers flexibility and professional development, while promoting financial fitness with Service members and their families. PFC support is requested on an “as needed” basis, and the frequency of each type of assignment is unpredictable.   Click HERE to link to a video to explain more.
  • FPA Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C. - Now is your opportunity to take part!  Join your fellow FPA members from across the country in Washington, D.C. for the 2nd Annual FPA Advocacy Day on June 23-24, 2015.. They need to hear from you on those issues that affect the financial planning profession and your clients. FPA will provide a structured experience including and the opportunity to network with your fellow FPA members. All members are responsible for their own travel expenses and meals.  Click HERE to learn more and register.


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