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FPA of GP Field Trips:

  • Wednesday, June 28, 2017
  • 3:00 PM
  • One Hour Discussions followed by Mixers at Varied Options across the Valley


  • Our August 3rd field trips are open to members, their guests, fellow professionals, and their family or clients who may want to start exploring the wide variety of Senior Living options in the Valley of the Sun.

    First registrant is $10, each guest of a registrant is $1.

Understanding the needs of small business owners:

How should a financial planner shift their knowledge and delivery of financial planning services to be more applicable and useful to a small business owner? 

o This years' industry niche is the Food and Beverage industry, in particular, the challenges and pressures faced by restaurant owners.

•Join local and lively conversations that explore A Day in the Life of a Restauranteur:

Restaurants don’t run on a 9-5 schedule...

What is a Day in their Life like?

  •  When is the most likely time for someone in this industry to meet with financial service professionals
  • What kinds of things make developing relationships, creating value, more or less possible?
  • Getting Started: capital formation, financial risk mitigation: How a financial planner can help or hurt an entrepreneur at this stage (special knowledge or skills)
  • Expansion: How to help a small business owner manage cash flows in a manner that effectively and affordably offsets the greatest risks and may provide feasible avenues for:
    • Health insurance/Risk management
    • Future sale of the business
    • Retirement planning
    • Affordable/Accessible Employee benefits
  • How do you help planners focus on what is most useful/challenging for you, not what a textbook might say should be done in some specific chronological order
  • Exit Strategies: How a financial planner may play a viable/useful role in the successful business succession plans
    • Extra challenges that a restauranteer may face in exiting or transitioning their business

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