Nov Super CE Event

  • Wednesday, November 20, 2019
  • 2:00 PM - 6:30 PM
  • ASU's Skysong: Scottsdale Rd just south of McDowell


  • Timely RSVP deadline is generally the Friday prior to the meeting
  • Timely RSVP deadline is generally the Friday prior to the meeting


Our Lifelong Learning Team brings you:

A continuation of our Team Building and Efficient Practice series:


As humans, we are wired for connection; it is essential to our survival.  It is also inevitable that we will experience occasional disruption in our essential attachments.  Our efforts to restore and retain connection and approval are, likewise, adaptations we learn early in life.  Understanding our unique patterns and how they interact with those of the people closest to us aids in restoring equilibrium in ourselves and our teams.

We each bring with us the attachment styles and coping mechanisms from our early years into our later relationships, including our work.  Understanding the relational dynamics that form in early development, how to manage and repair the occasional and unavoidable ruptures in adult connections, and discerning the rewards that bestow the greatest sense of appreciation can transform individual participants into thriving teams and strengthen our client connections.

Using interactive evaluative tools that apply neuroscience, attachment theory and the biology which affects how people act and react in relationship to reduce threat and danger in an effort to seek security or establish mutuality and connection, we will explore the unique methods and tools each team member needs to maximize connection, security and performance. 

Unlike rigid binary assessment tools, like DISC or Meyers-Briggs, this approach allows participants the flexibility to see how their unique dynamics in different relationships trigger differing responses.  It also allows leaders to approach team interactions in a more relational way, allowing team members to feel the leader’s presence with them as an important source of connection rather than as a system to be implemented upon them.

While this exploration will deepen any team’s experience of working together, each individual will also apply this knowledge into their own personal relationships and to the dynamics of conflict which arise– recognizing the patterns being acted out by clients and advisors.

My style as a presenter is to offer information in digestible bites, interwoven with relevant vignettes and stories and encouraging participants to share at the level each is comfortable.  Active participation in forms of playshop encourages humor interspersed with appropriate vulnerability to deepen learning and internalize the concepts in ways that will naturally emerge in each participant’s subsequent interactions.

Short Bio: Denise Logan has worked with more than 900 professionals as they navigate and answer the question “What’s Next?” Her clients are investment professionals, attorneys, company founders - the common thread being a persistent thought “There’s got to be more to life than this!”  With her keen sense of empathy, time as an insider in the industry and an uncanny knack for asking playful and provocative questions, Denise will help you cut to the heart of the issue.  Learn more at


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