CFP® Updated Ethics
presented by Melissa Kemp, made available to you by FPA of Greater Phoenix

Booking or Hosting an Ethics Course?  Some resources for you...

Event Planning Tips:

If presenting as a stand-alone program, please allow for 2-1/2 hours total:

  • 15 minutes - Registration and pre-start log in time to test video, audio and Mentimeter connections
  • 120 minutes for course delivery (This is generally listed as your course start time on your announcements.  15 minutes after this time, no further admissions into the course.)
  • 15 minutes - Stretch/beverage/bio break (course hosts that want to conclude soonest possible can skip the bio break and instruct attendees to stretch or pause very briefly at mid point)

If offering this course as part of a longer conference, allocate a minimum of 120 minutes for delivery.

Note: This is more than the 100 minutes that covers 2 units of the customary 50 minutes = 1 CE hour formula. 

There is too much content in this course to leave out 20 minutes of delivery time.

If offering this course virtually, please set the expectation that attendees should connect to the course prepared to self manage their mute/un-mute function, with the camera/video ON for the entire course time.

Confirming Attendance/Receiving Ethics Course credit Two Options

1. Google Forms:  Request this method when booking the course.    PREFERRED - saves us all time and money - creates easy reference audit trail.

At course confirmation date/course delivery date: Distribute an active link to an online Google Form, choose a course beginning and end code word, and instruct every attendee to use the Google form following the conclusion of the course to input their name, professional credentialing identifying number, and the beginning and ending code words within 48 hours of the event to receive course credit.

2. Sign-in/sign-out sheet :  Download - complete - email to our office when completed.

Using Mentimeter:

Mentimeter is an online interactive toolkit.  It is instrumental in providing a Fresh, Rich and Engaging attendee experience.  Using an easy tool to incent continual commentary and interaction from attendees during the course makes it far more likely that the voluminous amount of technical information can be received by them in personally relevant ways. 

Click on our infographic to download and share with your attendees ahead of time to better prepare them for Mentimeter.

Many professionals ask for a copy of the power point slides of the course.  These are protected by copyright, so we cannot do so.   

What we can do is provide your cohorts' collective interactions, along with the visual delivery screens of the Mentimeter at the conclusion of the course.  This single condensed .pdf file can be shared by you after the course with every attendee.  This .pdf becomes their easy point of reference document to the Ethics course material covered, along with references and links mentioned.

Resources for Registrants to Gather ahead of the Course:

Along with sharing the Mentimeter Infographic, ask each attendee to bring with them, or have handy, 2 resources that the CFP® Board of Standards mailed to every CFP® Professional via the USPS:

    1. Their YellowBook - the CFP® Board of Standards Code of Ethics & Practice Standards effective 10/1/2020
    2. Their ROADMAP to the Code of Ethics & Standards of Conduct.

    For attendees who want to review the course videos, case studies and other resources on their own time, use the reference box on this page to  add/send these links to them either ahead of, or following, your course.  Our pre-course instructions list the specific case studies and videos directly referenced during the course.

      Course Specifics/Marketing Blurb
      Melissa's Bio and Photo
      CFP Board of Standards Course Listing


      Zoom - one way to meet virtually
      Note:  If you are going to use the FPAGP Zoom Room, the connection detail is ALWAYS:  Meeting ID 710 131 6685  Passcode if needed: FPAGP
      Menti -

      Link to enter your code.


      Google CE Reporting Form Link preferred

      Google CE Reporting Form for NON CFP Professionals Link
      Sign-in/Sign-out Sheet (excel)
      CFP Board of Standards REFERENCES
      Code of Ethics & Practice Standards Yellow Book
      Video Recordings

      Case Studies
      Reportable Events
      Compliance Questions
       Anonymous Case Histories

      Click on these images to download your .pdf version of our

      5 Steps to Success for local Ethics Course Sponsors and Administrators,

      or our Ethics Marketing Flier for sharing with your programming team.

      Ethics CE can be dry and bland...

      Updated Ethics with Melissa Kemp is Fresh, Rich & Engaging

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